The Vibe Lyrics by KILLERTUNES

Tell me pretty mama what’s the name?
Tell me, no Dey blush all day
Saw with your friends last Wednesday
Make me feel like say na my birthday

You know say a man don craze
This your laugh Dey blow my brain
If you no reason me, I go cut chain
My love for you Issa burning flame

Oh baby mi make you
Get on the vibe (Ohh pretty mama make you)
Get on the vibe (Baby don’t slow just)
Get on the vibe (Whine it all upon me and)
Get on the vibe (Ehhhh just)

Get on the vibe (Water for my body and)
Get on the vibe (Tell me say you love me)
Get on the vibe (Come chop my money)
Get on the vibe (Tell me say you love me)

Please don’t leave me hanging
If you see my DM please don’t swipe
I’ve been calling texting baby
Thunder go strike if you no reply

If I tell you say I love you baby
No come go dey doubt
All them boys wey dey post you for iG baby
They do it for clout

Erima girl
Roll this your body, make you bring it over here
Give me joy
The way you do me girl na 10 over 10

All my dollar
I go be the one wey go give you the dollar
Study you like a scholar
Shola Na you be the one wey I want

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About The Vibe

Album : KillaXtra (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021 emPawa Africa.
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Oct 14 , 2021

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