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Never Saw Us Lyrics

Never Saw Us Lyrics by KIDA KUDZ

Eh eh eh eh eh yeah
(Jiggy, Jiggy boyz)

I do this for ma offsprings
Chasing that bag till I pull my harm string
Ancestors accept my offering
Told me I will never see no suffering
One time for my mama o

Cause I know that woman truly loves me
Whatever I do I know she got me
Long live everyone who supports me
Area boy for life
Jiggy boy for life
And that's on my life
My jigga did me wrong

But I acted dumb 'cause am not surprised yeah
I can see your true colours
Stop acting like you never saw us
System wasn't built for us
Government got no money for us

JBFC for life yanstand
Shout out the members
Big up your chest
A wise man said
When you're making money use your head
A wise man said
Don't be afraid say it with your chest

Sometimes I feel like fuck this shit
But got to do it for the members
And overtime I hoop on the mic
You know I do it for the members

Sometimes I wanna spass
Sometimes I wanna bang my Jazz
Sometimes I wanna party hard
Sometimes don't wanna leave ma yard yeah

All ma jiggas looking for the peace of mind
Bobo gotta hustle bobo gas survive
But bobo no be bobo if hein no get kobo
So we work hard kobo yen le gobo
I remember must think I forgot
Dancing on the stage in jorgor
Break dancing like a robot
Acting like you never saw us


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About Never Saw Us

Album : Top Memba (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jul 24 , 2021

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