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Invisible Currency Lyrics

Invisible Currency Lyrics by KHALIGRAPH JONES

Yeah! I done left a mark that cannot be replaced (What else)
And see the quest is to complete the race
Anytime they try to judge me I just beat the case
Been starving for too long 
But now it’s time for us to eat the cake (Jones)
I pour my soul for you to know the facts (Bless)
Go reach your goals don’t let them hold you back
This vibe is dope I should have told you that
This vibe is dope it’s like I sold you crack

I know what it takes and am not taking any chances
And I know what’s at stake so let them know who the champ is
My purpose for rapping isn’t hype related
That good for nothing fake accent rapper finally made it
This confessions is the truth
Am never running out of breath 
Am bench pressing in the booth
I stay flexing with the crew
Am COVID-19 to these rappers they aint messing with the flu
Aint no manual for this grind of popularity is win or lose
Talent is normally overlooked or never been approved
TV stations calling to embarrass you on interviews
I grew up on that K Shaka, Snoop Dogg gin and juice
I bend the rules coz am trouble (Facts)
Was verified by God before Instagram and double tap
Let them try and rebottle that
Blood, sweat and tears is what it took for me 
To be able to lounge and have a bubble bath
Can’t even say how long av been in this city
You might assume that everything in the beginning was pretty
Who’d ever thought ad make it big in this city
From eating crumps to getting state house invitations like am Jimmy Wanjigi

And this I wrote from the heart so as I move close to the mark
I never chose to be this that’s why am supposed to be smart
Now let’s make a toast for this far we came
We done rose to be stars
Giving hope to these kids whose emotionally scared
Was bound to happen we at the pinnacle balance
Bonded with hip-hop Gee and we did it covalently
My work ethic still unbelievable currently
Ladies and gentlemen this is 

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About Invisible Currency

Album : Invisible Currency (Album)
Release Year : 2022
Copyright : (c) 2022
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Mar 24 , 2022

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