Lies Lyrics by JOHNNY DRILLE

Nuff with the lies
Too many lies
E don tey we have had enough
You acting like
We the people blind
But we can see all the shit in your words
Who starts a fire, a revolution
Find a solution, shine a light
Who starts a fire, a revolution
Inside their hearts, cold as ice
How are you able to sleep in the night?
When all the people can't close their eyes
You're blinded by the evil inside
Too much evil inside

One Naira go equal to one dollar, they say
I go feed ya pikin each and every day
24 hours light go dey dey
But snake chop money go
You want me to vote you so you give me 2K
Because you know say the salary no dey pay
At the end of the day light e no dey dey
Monkey thief, money go
They've been taking us for fools
Our mumu don do
E don do, e don do
And the future of our kids
Is hanging on the noose
It's on me, it's on you

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About Lies

Album : Lies (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Apr 22 , 2022



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