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Education Lyrics by JB MPIANA

Mwana te asengaki, ko ya na mokili
(No kid asks to come to the world/ asks to be
born in this world)
Papa maman ba balani, ba boti mwana
(Its a mother and a father who marries to sired
a child/children)
Ba dressaka nyama, moto ba edukaka ye
(whoever gives this child teachings is the one
who matters)
Ba forcaka education te, ba salaka nde appel
(you dont force education/teachings on a kid
you only appeal to him/her)
Na volonte ya mwana
Otuni mwana, olingi nini ko
(You ask the kid what would he/she like to do,
be or become?)
Avis ya mwana tango mosusu
(in a child's wish or decision could be)
Asala mosala ya maboko
(doing manual/odd jobs)
Lokola tata naye atanga
(but because his/her father is educated)
Ako imposer mwana
(he will impose a carrier on the kid)
Il faut ozala docteur en droit, to licencier na
(that his kid must have a masters degree in law
or become a bussinessman)
Na ko tosa ba boti, mwana asali volonte ya ba
( because of his obedience to the parents the
kid did what they wanted him to do)
Lelo se trouver nul
Akomi ko ima ima
(after achieving that today the educatio is not
assisting him, he has ended up roaming from
place to place
Soki nga na komi boye, po na salaki choix na
nga te
(He says he has ended up that way because he
never did what his choice was)
Ndakisa ya ba papa misusu
(Some fathers' example worries)
Mwana naye amoni ye na mwasi mosusu na
nzela ba simbani
(His child saw him with another woman along
the way while holding each other)
Abengi mwana naye a corrompre ye na mbongo
(He called his kid and bribed/corrupted him
with money)
Koyebisa maman te na ndako noki ako silika ah
(An told him not to reveal to his mother what
he saw him doing with another woman because
she will be furious)
Banda jour wana mwana wana akoma têtu
(From that day henceforth that kid became big
headed (rude) because he had something to
blackmail his dad)
Ata asali mabe, moyen papa a gangela ye ezalit
(Even if he does anything wrong there was no
way his dad could scold him)
Azo banga sinon mwana ako funda epayi ya
maman naye
(because the dad fears if he does otherwise the
kid will let the cat out of the bag and his small
secret will come to light)
Ko beba education ya mwana nyoso wana
(Be very careful with the teachings that you
give to your child)
Ndakisa ya ba maman oyo
Abotamwana se moko
(The teaching of a single mum who bore only
one kid is worrying)
Akomisi ye neti nzambe, ata mwana wana asali
(She adores her kid like GOD even when the kid
does something wrong)
Ba tente ba oncle naye, ba beti to ba gangeli ye
(If the aunts or uncles of her kids punishes or
scolds her kid)
Maman naye asiliki, botikela nga liso na nga
(the mothet will get furious/annoyed because
they did that, she will tell them to leave alone
her only eye/kid)
Ezali se moko wana, sans le savoir ayeba
(he is only one, she spoils the kid unknowingly)
A detruire mwana naye, a encourager ye na
(she destroys her kid by encouraging him/her
to do wrong things)
Ndakisa ya ba parents misusu
(the teachings of some parents is worrying)
Mwana ya mbanda to azwa mwana ya ndeko
afandaka epayi naye
(They treat their step kids/surrogate kids badly)
Akomisi ye lokola domestique
(they use them like domestic workers)
Misala nyoso ya ndako bitinda epa ya mwana
(All the house chores chores becomes the duty
of the step child/surrogate kid)
Bana naye moko ba salaka lisusu misala te
(Their own children dont do any house chores)
Na makanisi naye que azo nyokola mwana
(In her thought she thinks that she is
mistreating the step child / surrogate kid)
Nzoka nde a detruire education ya bana naye
(whereas she is destroying her own kids chance
to have a taste of a real life experience)
Pe a eduquer mwana ya mbanda to pe ya
ndeko oh
(she is educating her step child / surrogate
child unknowingly about real life experience)
Ba parents bozala ba irresponsible te
(Parents donot be irresponsible)
Quelque soit difficulte ya vie oza nango
(In whatever dificult situation you are in)
Éduquer mwana yo moko
La plus part ya bana oyo ba kolaka epayi ya ba
(Educate/teach your kids yourself because most
of the kids that lives with relatives)
Mingi ba zalaka na education ya bien te
(most of them dont have good manners)
Cause po suivi ezalaka makasi te
(because they are not monitored)
Parent nyoso esengeli azala model ya mwana
(Any perent should be his or her kids role
Ba lobaka tel pere tel fils
Mwana soki otie ye esika ya ba nyama
(they usually say like father like son, if you grew
your kids with animals)
Akomi ko loba neti ba nyama
Example ya Romulus and Remus eh
(he / she will talk and behave like animals.
Example is Romulus and Remus eh)
Ba zalaka ko loba neti ba nyama
Po model na bango ezalaki loup eh
(They used to talk like animals because they
were brought up by a wolf who was their role
Education eza dangereuse na vie ya mwana eza
education diffuse
(Education is dangerous becareful with what
you teach a kid because it will affect his life)
Na ndako na kelasi bazo eduquer mwana
ndenge mosusu
(In the house, at school kids learn in different
Na libanda pe azu zua education ndenge
(while outside he/she will learn in another way)
Ba parents bo zala prudent
(Be prudent parents)
Bana bo profiter na voix ya ba parents te, bo
(Kids you will never learn if your parent raise
their voices at you, take note of that)
Mwana yo moko oza agent principale ya
education nayo
( child, its only you who is a factor in the
principle of your education)
Mwana mosusu aza orphelin akufela baboti
(Another sensitive kid to take care of is an
orphan, the kid who lost his/her both parents)
Mosusu ba famille ya baboti baye ba
abandonant bango
(Another sensitive kid to take care of is an
abandoned kid who was abandoned by both
his/her parents)
Malembe malembe ba orienta bavie na bango
To mona pe lelo ba kkoma bato
(those orienting them go genltle on them till
they grow to adulthood to enable them face the
real life situation)
Parent opimela mwana bonbon biscuit to jouet
kasi education te
(Parent you can regulate the candies or biscuits
your kids can take but you cant control what
they learn.
Education eza utile na vie ya mwana
(educaion is very useful in a child's life)
Lokola essence to baterie na bomoyi ya voiture
(like the importence of gasoline and battery in
the life of a vehicle)

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