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The Journey (Outro) Lyrics

The Journey (Outro) Lyrics by GYAKIE

First off pull over
Take a seat, I'm your ruler
I got inspired by Paedae OmarSterling
Yesternight I checked the charts and we were trending
That's not the vision anyways
Stay safe

This world is not a safe place
One day we will be in the heavenly
Singing pretty tunes to Jah Jah and only Jah Jah
In 2019, "Love Is Pretty" came through
Big shouts to Selasi, Juice and Matthew
Little did I know "Never Like This" was about to blow the minds of a few
Yeah, just a few
I heard stories like Kwabena agyae Ama
And when she heard my song
She had hope and survived aaama
Today she dey chop pancake and milk

Oooo yiooo
Lemme control this show ooo
I go teach you lesson
That was my third song
Produced by who EL baby
2019 was a good year for me
A few bad bridges but that makes it the journey
Aseda nka nyame for where I've reached
For the voice that he gifted to someone, someone like me
B3 Sor mi mu Odo yewu
Big shout out to Bisa Kdei and his crew
For making it happen
It what it is

Big shout out to all the Gyakie chans
Every single person that preaches my music
To my family, friends and foes, haha
Shout out to everyone that went to Mizpah Jhs, T.I Amass, and everyone inside Knust
To my people in Kumasi
People at Bomso
To Tony
To Ellis
To Sosa
To Nadiah
To ID and
To Kuvie
Special gratitude to all the DJs and radio presenters that keep my songs on repeat
God bless you
Big shout out to you listening to me right now. I love you
Thank you for believing in me
We just started
I dedicate this song to Electromirror
The backbone to this entire movement
Agbo! Shikome

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About The Journey (Outro)

Album : Seed (EP)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2021 Flip The Music.
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Mar 19 , 2021

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