English Translation For Hauezi kushindana by GOODLUCK GOZBERT

I'm already out
 And I'm not happy to be alive because I would have died
 I have often found it frustrating that I may have left God alone
 Oh if it is nausea
 I've gone through it and got used to it
 The pain of despising poverty
 Every day we cheer ourselves up
 There is only my day
 There is only my day and I need to be accepted
 And you evangelism be preached
 Ah be it preached be it
 Oh I am bored I am bored and I am bored I am bored
 They go
 Although now they speak against me and I'm not surprised I know I am human
 Although I do not get long enough I do not cease to pray to a god not deaf
 Ah, the good people you have now avoid me, neither have I a friend nor obey
 Oh if it's the stress of illnesses mind you
 I have gone through the pain of despising poverty every day I give myself a heart
 Years have passed and the child is not very patient because he is late
 Business is organized and you will not let a god of divination serve you
 Marriage for a subtle marriage at home no let god feathers is not the answer
 You groaned in the hope of recovery as your day is not near heyy
 I know ayaya
 I know ayaya
 Marital disturbances the baby hurts the darkness as you think about where to sleep after it is accepted
 Masambango massage is a child
 The stepmother you have wearied at home
 Never mind don't hurt I know it all will pass
 And you have been preached to you
 You too will be rejected

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About Hauezi kushindana

Album : Hauwezi Kishindana (Single),
Release Year : 2018
Copyright: ©2018
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Published: Mar 11 , 2020


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