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Crazy People Lyrics

Crazy People Lyrics by DARKOVIBES

Crazy people, crazy people
Everything scatter

Boys abrↄ but we dey control
We all dey form chairman
Every day you for pay chairman chairman yaye
Ghana we dey look sharp for yourself
Never get too comfortable, too comfortable
Oo dem born we come this life to come taya
When you can’t reach your goals in this life
You should understand that it’s not a conquest
And that everything you put your mind to shall be yours

If you cease to make me happy
I will start to make you cry
I have what you want
But you don’t have to squeeze my hand eh
Every day promises, you promised you will make me fell
Said you’ll make me feel good eyay
Flood everywhere, everybody craze
Everything scatter, wetin be the? Ay
We all for support but we are all mad
Some leaders are man, crazy people
Crazy people, everything scatter
Everybody crazy, crazy people crazy people
Everything scatter, Everybody crazy

I can’t understand you should know
You should know better, I can’t contemplate
Sↄ oman bↄↄe yie a, n’efiri yↄ ara
That is why I worry about us
The world is all we got, we got no place to go
We should really find our purpose
We should find our purpose
Crazy people, crazy people
Crazy people, crazy people, crazy people

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About Crazy People

Album : The Cornestone (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Farida
Published : Nov 20 , 2020



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