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Itapita Lyrics

Itapita Lyrics by COLLO G

Mi ni mkristo leo nitabonga za science
I see corona disrupting-  defiance
Business is going down now ju sina client
Na landlord anangoja rent si I'm still his client

United we stand divided we fall
But right now divided we stand
And together we fall

Natry kukaa kejani ina better community
Sina shopping sina ganji jirani where is the unity?
Mayouth leaders wa kesho but young parents wakienda
What will happen to the wisdom let's remember tunawaopenda

And I see daily number ya victims inapanda
And now they take advantage bei ya sanitizer inapanda
So what will happen to the street kids and the homeless
The hustlers and the jobless the hunters and the hopeless

Sai nacheki the rich stocking up their homes
But seeing where China is right now napata hope
Experience is the best teacher but mbona tui-experience
Let's practice good hygine ndo tusikuje kuiexperience

But I promise you one thing it's gonna be okey
We've lost too many but we shall be okey
Job woun't give up I'll stay strong for me and you
When I go down on my knees I'll make sure I pray for me and you

I'ts not the end but just but the beginning
Beginning of something stong cheki we will be winning
Schools getting closed, people loosing hope
But now I'm getting close to the one who give me hope

Nakaa niko na nyinyi but half me niko na nyinyi
Si all am preaching is tryg then hope si tuamini
Na mambo kesho lazma itakuwa sawa
So please tuwe na nguvu ju pamoja tuko na power
Paka sabuni kwa mikono na uoshe sawa
Ju kabla ikushike mi na wewe ndio dawa

My prayers goes to those who have been affected
By all means possible they need to be protected
Watoi wenye shule ni better kulko home and
To everyone who went to work and dream he felt at home

To everyone who can't afford ata kidogo shopping
To everyone tha feels yester life should be stoppng
To every mother ako kejani n a hana diapers
Inaweza kaa kitu mndogo nut ni kubwa kukisa pampers

Kwa kila mkenya anahitaji doh ya tokes
I understand the feeling I know how you are broken
To every father who needs to feed the family
Biz hajipi itakuwa poa finaly

To every doctor and nurse who give time
Kwa kila watchi analala nnje akituchunga
So mi napiga goti nipige dua
This is just a storm itapita mi najua

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About Itapita

Album : Itapita
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Apr 12 , 2020

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