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Tell Me Lyrics by COLLO G

Yeah ah, cheki uuh okey

Ah, niaje cancer I need some answers
First of all unacheki vile umekuwa ukiniwinda
And second of all unacheki hutaki kuona nikishinda
I need some answers ndio tuweze kujilinda

Grab a chair, have a seat, let's have a conversation
Ushai fikiria happiness, badala ya frustrations
Hujai feel mbaya juu ya kuchukiwa by the nation
Ju kila mahali unaenda unaacha tricky situation

You don't even deserve the name Cancer
You don't deserve a name but I deserve an answer
Ama nikuite doctor evil, but hapana we si daktari
Labda nikuite evil bado not enough hatari

How do you feel when someone lies for a few months kwa kitanda
Na familia home, situation imekuwa blunder
Unafeel aje when someone asks for a mercy death
How do you feel when your timeline is full of deaths

Do you even understand the meaning of family?
When you take one life and you frustrate the family
When you see weakness and struggle you become happy finally
I'll take one person from you if you had a family

Ndo uweze kufeel the pain
Victims wanafeel kwa veins
This is one of a kind of pain
That hakuna kitu mi nagain

But my mama taught me right
And that's kuvumilia
I might be strong outside
But ndani mi nalia

For how long will I try?
And how long will I cry?
How many times will I be scared 
For saying the word goodbye

Cz am not so sure
Ka nitaweza kuwaona kesho
Everytime I turn to leave
Me hufeel so much tension

Everytime you go for chemo
I don't wanna hear some bad news
Everytime I see the doctor 
Mi huomba for some good news

But the good news is, we will always be strong
Cheki cancer, you will never win no matter how long
So I pray for guidance and strength kwa vitu mi nafanya
Nisijipate nimeloose strength kwa vitu we umefanya

R.I.P to the victims umeclaim hiyo si sawa
To all the people unatry together we have the power
Power to all the daughters, power to all the doctors
Power to all the sons, that couldn't see the sun

Power to all the mothers
Power to all the fathers
Power to everyone
You deserve to go further

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About Tell Me

Album : Tell Me (Single)
Release Year : 2019
Copyright : (c) 2019
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Oct 28 , 2019

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