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Doli Baby Lyrics

Doli Baby Lyrics by BRIZZLE MAN

Haaa doli baby
Oya doli baby
Doli baby ahhahh
This your back side hmmm
Na shekere oooh
Na shekere
Doli baby Doli baby
This your back side hmmm
Na shekere oooh
Hmmm unhunnnn

I said this baby really want me oooh
Am here tonight with youuu woooooh
My baby girl ooooh
Shebi na because of you am in love ooooh
Na because of you I deyyyy
Am truly in love with youuu oooh
My baby girl you dey with me always
Have been waiting for so many time
Have been waiting oooh
Many people think am crazy oooh
I no dey craze
Even no am not really mad at all at all
But because of looove am in love oooh
Am In love ooooo
Am in love again oooh

Doli baby hmmmm
Doli baby hmmmm
This your back side aaaaa
Na shekere oooh
Na shekeree
Na shekere ooo
Na shekere ooo
Oya give me
Shukura aaaa
Alimooh oooh
Hmmmm yee ye yeee eeehn

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About Doli Baby

Album : Doli Baby (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Tiamiyu Ibrahim
Published : Aug 26 , 2022



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