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Saf Ngamay Jaay Lyrics

Saf Ngamay Jaay Lyrics by ABIBA

I wanna love you and treat you right
I wanna love you every day and every night
We'll be together with a roof right over our heads
We'll share the shelter of my single bed
We'll share the same room, oh Jah provide the bread
Is this love - is this love - is this love - is this love that I'm feelin'?
Is this love - is this love - is this love - is this love that I'm feelin'?
Oh oh, oh oh
I wanna know, wanna know, wanna know now!
I wanna know, wanna know, wanna know
I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I- I'm willing and able
So I throw my cards on your table!
I wanna love you
I wanna love you ouh ouh

Saf ngamay jaay
Yagui may gagne
Xol bé le taneu, mbeugël bi doumako fowé
Nop na xalé bi, té awma loumasi tite
Mane dama moudjé sakh, ame fite
OH baby, diox ma feu vert
Ma wakh le, le, le , nimala beugué
Té kham gua, kham gua, kham gua, ni fi yafiy bondél
Oh oh, Oh oh
Yama nieukeu nop , nieukeu nop , nieukeu nop way
Légui, damala noba, noba, noba ,nop ba raw le
Ah - Ah - Aie li foumakoy wakhé
Tey lay, jakarlok mome diko charmer
Xol bé le taneu

Baguama dane wo téléphone douma jeule
Bobou magui ley dozé
Baguama dane wo douma jeule,
Beugouma Lou ley xoss ba di la gagne , légui wo nala
Té mane leer nama ni, soffoumala way
Leer nala ni, soffouloma way yow
Saf ngamay jaay ( bobou magui ley dozé)
Ndakh mane ragalouma dara, titouma dara , soula nékhé
convoquél say ex (saf ngamay jaay)
Bobou magui ley dozé ( Saff ngamay jaay)
Bobou magui ley dozé
Mbeugël dou guissé rek ak wakhoma you Nex
Si xol le, si xel le


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About Saf Ngamay Jaay

Album : Saf Ngamay Jaay (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Farida
Published : Aug 02 , 2021

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