Intro-Vert Lyrics by A-Q

I just blocked my sister
Sometimes I wanna run away
But I ain’t got a visa
Sometimes I wanna forget it all
Like I got amnesia
They say I’m part of something bigger
But this game is somewhat deeper
Please ma

Lately, my mama been stressing me
And even tho she’s ill
This feeling will be the death of me
Every other phone call or message
Is either about currency or my presence needed urgently
And I can’t ignore these pleas
But I can be more responsible
My responsibilities are more than my deliverables
My microphone abilities is unbelievable
My marketing plan is everything but feasible
The label be like please be more reasonable
But it’s not gonna come easy if its invisible
Telling you story lines with schemes
And I brag about my skills
As I’m scripting these movie scenes
I’m losing friendships
Cos people aren’t who they are
On social media they seem authentic
But I’m moving like forensics

Somebody please tell MI
I don’t wanna tweet more
I don’t need more instagram followers
I don’t want O-A-Ps as friends
I don’t wanna jump on popular trends
I don’t wanna roll in the benz or going out more
I can zone out if it’s all out war
And if I never make a hit song
It ain’t like I did wrong
I don’t like being outdoors
I just want to hang with my dogs
I don’t want be your goals
When I rap I’m counting scores
It is my life not yours
Still laying pipe when I like
And I’m wife-ing yours
Hype ’em buzz? whats that
Still getting money on the mic
And them light skin broads
It is my life not yours
It is my life not yours

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About Intro-Vert

Album : God's Engineering (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Farida
Published : Apr 02 , 2020

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