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Outro (Never Got In) Lyrics

Outro (Never Got In) Lyrics by SMALLGOD

You're asking why am still out 
Even though friends are shouting me out 
I no myself value, he will know that 
I did not travel all the way from where came from 
To be outside this place all the money I
Spent for me to now live am standing here he is
Going to give refarnt yees he well

What do you mean 
Why did I come here I came to host
That was the boy that was the point
That's what I was told I am coming to host
If I was to host this

My intro will be different
Not like that camp oga  introduce the show
Welcome, welcome to smallgod and friends and less letting
All the performance no

I will was giving to them ladies and gentlemen for
The very first time the in history the guy knows the
Whole of africa the guy who connects Africa....


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About Outro (Never Got In)

Album : Building Bridges (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jun 30 , 2021

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