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Intro (In The Line) Lyrics

Intro (In The Line) Lyrics by SMALLGOD

Yes is Eddie Kadi on that list yes
Small God SG yes
No no no smallgod please check again
Yes the list that say smallgod and friends yes

Am not on that list hahaha 
What did you mean?
Ooh make we go for this lest
StarBoy, R2bees,Tiwa savage

Uhh am not on that list?
Okay Okay check older list
Smallgod and special friends 
Yes I should be on that list
The lest that’s exist

Okay check on the list 
The list that says no no no not that list 
The list that says, ooh my bad Eddie I
Forgot to put you on the list check my name

Huh! Am going to call wait 
No no no..I have the text message on my
What did you mean I have the text on my phone
And your asking me if I no smallgod

Me nana I don’t know him 
I don’t care  who have on the list
I don’t care who is preforming tonight 
I am on the lust
He told heer, hey.. God!

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About Intro (In The Line)

Album : Building Bridges (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jun 30 , 2021

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