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Fire Play Lyrics

Fire Play Lyrics by NABALAYO

Don't look in the fire too long
Or else you might see him
He will sing you his sad song
You won't resist it

Don't play with fire my dear
I've always told you
Seems like you never learn
He'll come for you

Don't give him a name my darling
He won't let go of you
If he should stay my darling
He will take hold of you

If only (Playing with fire)
You could see what I see (You could see
(playing with fire)

If only you could see what I see
(Playing with fire)
If only ,You could see what I
(Playing with fire)

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About Fire Play

Album : Changanya (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Dec 06 , 2020

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