Speed Lyrics by LITTLE SIMZ

Niggas wanna put me in a box
Niggas think they're coming for my spot
I could buy your life with no excuses
If I had penny for all the rappers that I influence
I know what I bring yo, I ain't stupid
You should try that shit on someone that isn't being their truest
Figured I'd just leave you niggas to it
But watch how you step, promise you don't wanna see me lose it
Niggas know I got this shit on lock

Niggas think they coming for my spot
Don't you know your dealing with a boss
I make winnings out of any loss
I think I do just what I please
I'm already a legend, you should humble your speech
Age 101, disturbing the peace
I think I'm Kanye West, I see the blood on the leaves
Mufuckers ain't ready for my steez
Mufuckers monitoring my speed
I'm running with ease, how ya mean?
Catch up if you please, I got 'em singing

Influential as fuck
I should ink in my skin
All this ink in my pen
Is what led me to win
Do my ting then I duss
I don't linger for fun
Oh you wish you could come
Wanna be my +1
Give a fuck 'bout your style
Or the latest of trends
If you knew what it took
Just to get out the ends
Wanna stay where I stay
Know you owe me some rent
Still running with ease
Marathon not a sprint nigga

You can tell I'm really going at it
They know when I drop it's problematic
Keep it on the move, I'm never static
I go in the booth and show you magic
Got a hard drive full of classics
I keep that shit locked up in the attic
If I bring 'em out it's a wrap though
I'm not sure if these niggas can hack it

Still running with ease, marathon, not a sprint
(Don't you know your dealing with a boss?
Don't you know your dealing with a boss?)

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About Speed

Album : Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Sep 17 , 2021

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