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Rollin Stone Lyrics

Rollin Stone Lyrics by LITTLE SIMZ

I was in Sao Paolo
Eating palm hearts and I couldn't believe my surroundings (No)
True I got the ends in me, listening to Headie, getting gassed in the mountains (Yeah)
No time for the thirst trap, nigga, I'm quenched, I drink from a different fountain (Sip)
Hard food when I serve that all these likkle fish get fried and your yam get pounded (Pounded yam)
Hmm, might be a brat for a bit, fuck your blunt, man, I want my spliffs
Want my farm and I want my chicks
Want my suits tailored by Gucci
First-class to Shibuya for the sushi
Give me my checks and give me my plaques
Want breakdowns and I want my stats, pronto (Now, now)
Yeah-yeah, god flow, make you wanna dance all day like Alfonso (Move your body)
Wanna talk about P's, wanna talk about wage but can you do the job though? (Can you?)
I can't vouch for a man that ain't got the talent and business combo (No)
It's all a sport, flow on archery don't get hit with the crossbow
Stayed to myself been true to the core (Stay to myself, man, I stay to myself)
I was always the illest, there's never been no cure (No medication)
Calling shots like I call in favours, facts (True)
My niggas got me if I ever need that
Still, there's things I'm faced with, Stormz ain't lying man these fools audacious (Yeah)
Might demonstrate frustration, tryna keep cool but I'm losing patience (Ayi)
Hmm, no cap, we hate snakes and we hate rats
You can have opinions just don't mislead the youth in your raps (Please, please, please, please, please)

Mummy handled business, Papa was a rolling stone
I'm a mix a both, there ain't no bitch boy in my bones
Fucking this dough like say it's pizza
You can't get Italia, Fashion Week, huh, shut down Milan down to Rome
Looking like the future, got you fearing the unknown
I got stories regarding your bitch I won't disclose
Picture perfect, nothing picture perfect, here I know
All illusions, why the world confusing? I don't know
You can't diss me three-time, pull up behind, you'll never see I
I'm probably the reason why your boss has had to resign
Niggas follow my step, read about me like I'm Eli
I just book a flight only to land and have some me-time
Let me be I'm (Let me be I'm)
I'm taking time out, hold my spot, go through your time now

Huh, pull up at your spot, they throwing roses at my feet, yeah-yeah
Fuck you mean? In the presence of a queen
Bad bitch say that she wanna know what's underneath
I can show you things in private, know I hate to cause a scene, yeah
Range black just to match the color of my skin
Last year, pen was crazy, this year tougher with the ink, yeah
Know the people miss me, they like, "Where the fuck you've been?", yeah
Counted all my losses, manifested all my wins, yeah
Can't believe it's Simbi here that's had you listening
Well, fuck that bitch for now, you didn't know she had a twin
I've been in my zone, moving lowkey in Berlin, ah
You can get the smoke, nigga, das ist kein problem, ah
Where do I begin? Ah
You might just find out, real soon, go through your time now

Rolling stone
Rolling stone

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About Rollin Stone

Album : Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Sep 17 , 2021

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