To You Lyrics by KING KAKA

Sleek body, sweet honey 
Come close whine for me
Give my life to you yeah yeah

Vile nimechange hata siwezi bakiza doh
Ntakupa keys za kwangu nitakubakiza doh
Nitakupa keys hata kama ni automatic door
Tuwanyamazishe na kiss wakitalk

First class tuko na Alicia Keys New York
Hio basket yako nimeweka zote mayai
See check closer there is love in my eyes
This has to work usiseme tumetry
Yaani 'Yes' I'm with na nakiss ass
Nimegive my life to you na Jesus
Bas nizalie ka baby tukate za kitovu
Baby nakufeel kama mbuku ya kipofu

I see you are beside me
Touching caressing when yo whine it..
You are the pretty girl looking for some love
Me so I just wanna spread my love
Confess to you my love
You know I wanna give my love to you
Give my life to you

So am just gonna spread my love mmmhh
Honey come close whine for me
Give my life to you yeah yeah
Badman falling for your love beiby...

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About To You

Album : The Servant & The King Mixtape / To You (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020 Kaka Empire.
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Mar 04 , 2020

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