Fada Lyrics by ZLATAN

Your mama say make you no dey follow  me again 
I’m not I’m not 
Your papa say if he catch me he go cut my head 
Na why I no. Come your domot o
Baby me the love you give me sweet me
Adaobi i want to take you all around the world 
Sisi mi oya farabale mu ijo o
I no wan know But i must meet your fada today

Your Fada
I must meet your fada  today 
Your Fada
I must meet your fada today 

Nwa Ada nwa Ada you be my one and only o
Oyii na tu mu o make you no leave me lonely o
Asa ne nunu
E fe obula echolu I go me nu nu
Tell your Fada si ya che nu nu 
Maka mu nu ba ta obodo nu nu iyo
I wanna be the one beside you imitate uwa fu ba gi ilo
Cos nobody fit to stop the love I have for you ??
Nwa che kwe ne be 
See I get money money ogologo
It’s looking  for me a nu m a call away
Gi ka na ache bekelebe iyo

Your Fada
I must meet your  Fada today  
Your Fada
I must meet your Fada today 

Asa nwa baby you be my priority for life 
I want to see your Fada
Mu na umu nna mu na bia to do something for your head o 
We wan  tv to see your Fada 
Today today not tomorrow 
We get money
We no dey borrow
Ngwa bia nu kwado be nu
A yin na bia ehh
E ma na efe ge me 
When we see your fada 

Your Fada. 
I must meet your Fada today 
Your Fada
I must meet your Fada today

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About Fada

Album : Resan (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Regee
Published : Nov 05 , 2021

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