English Translation For Khuluma Ndonda by ZAMO COFI

At times when there is sorrow
Luke is not a race, no
Be with us Lord be with us
Zuuuubeenathu, Lord zuuubeenenathi

Our Father in heaven
Let your name be sanctified, let your kingdom come
Let your kingdom come
Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth
He felt sorry for his spirit when his body was gone

We do not accept the situation so that his soul survives
It's time to dump her and move on
Because in the flesh there is a law of life
And in the spirit you live by the law
This is not the end for Mthwazi's brother
Because tomorrow will be yours and I will be wondering how

How because everything was fine
What would you not talk about? Even I die
Inside I don't speak because artists die of stress
The president is silent and does not see the Covid
Influenced Lord write poetry

Be with us during difficult times
Zubeeenathi ....
Be with us, Lord, in these difficult times

Sehl is a revelation that can make the nation so strong
The family is in dire straits
Weeping in the courtyard of the communications of others turned their mouths
The crocodile was terrified of coming
Pray with a rope for others to help themselves to suicide
Because they would turn into a joke in public
Because we are

The man cried and we answered with a laugh
Here on Facebook for the Likes
Let's talk about what we are talking about
We do better than men - it is reported
Failed to speak
They are young men out there
This poem was great for this generation
My grandchildren and I are still here
Black in action let the speakers speak
The words do not reach their mouths often
With the knee down
(Review and click and then I write)

This land is still your home
This land is still your home
Be with us, Lord, in these difficult times
Be with us, Lord, in these difficult times

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About Khuluma Ndonda

Album : Khuluma Ndonda (Single),
Release Year : 2022
Copyright: (c) 2022
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Feb 27 , 2022

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