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Bubble It ft Spice Lyrics

Bubble It ft Spice Lyrics by YEMI ALADE

Yemi and spice
From.a Queen to a queen
Ok! alright! You already know
From a queen to queen
Jamaica to Africa

Bubble it wiggle it bubble it
Me wanna wiggle it wiggle wiggle it

Right yah so now ,Ready waist

Bubble it bubble it Bumba watch me wabble it
Like a ball mi a juggle it Every man wah fi cuddle it
So mi jiggle it juggle it this no big ano puddle it
So mi couple it bubble it , muscle it when you trouble it
Drop it desso  , clap it loud it echo
Fluffy like Marshmallow a the two Queen say so
This ano waffle no eggo body no soft like Jello
Gal you fi wine wid yuh hand pan yuh knee don’t leggo
Squat like a yoga so mi bubble like a can a soda
Look how mi hotta dan a cup a capachino mocha
A so mi siddong and a wine like Mi deh pan a sofa
While have mi Bumpa spinning round deh like a roller coaster

Sweet like sugar
Sweet like sugar
Sweet like
Sweet like
sweet sugar
Sweet like sugar
Sweet like sugar
Sweet like
Sweet like
Sweet sugar

(Where d gyal dem dey)
Take your waist to ground and your hands on your back
Wiggle it around, give a man a heart attack
Bring it up so slow
Bend down low
Kack it kack it up some more
Wiggle wiggle on d floor
When we link up link up
It's a stick up stick up
Bout to get my freak on
Lemme get my liquor
Anabella ,get on your feet and shake your bumbumbum
That your waist line, break like a tom tom tom
Usain bolt on beat me ah  instrumental beast
Running through your speakers like I'm looking for a feast
With my ice like wow, bad to the bone
It's a stampede when me pull up on the scene
Cos me sweet like sugar sweet like sugar
Sweet like sweet like sweet like sugar
Me sweet like sugar sweet like sugar
Me tasty me sweet me sweet like sugar

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About Bubble It ft Spice

Album : Bubble It ft Spice (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Sep 15 , 2022

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