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African Dream Lyrics

African Dream Lyrics by VICKY SAMPSON

Sometimes alone in the evening I look outside my window
At the shadows in the night
I hear the sound of distant crying
The darkness multiplying
And weary hearts denied

All I feel is my heart beating
Beating like a drum, beating with confusion
All I hear are the voices, telling me to go
But I could never run, “Cause

In my AfriKan Dream, there’s a new tomorrow
My Afrikan dream , is dream that we can follow
Now when the night begins to fall,
I listen for your call, I listen for you heartbeat
Alone my dream is just a dream
Another false illusion, a shadow in the night

All I want is for our heartbeats to be beating just as one,
To silence the confusion
Then the pain and the illusion will disappear again
And we will never run, Cause

In my Afrikan Dream, there’s a new tomorrow
My Afrikan Dream is a dream that we can follow
And though it would seem my hope’s an illusion
My Afrikan Dream is an end to the confusion

Mawetbu we Afrika (Africans)
Nine kusasa Elittlbe (You have a bright future)
Igugu e Afrika (Pride of Africa)
Sizoni landela ma Afrika (We shall follow you Africans)
Siyayibona Intlanzi (We can see the future)
Ukukbanya Kwentokozo (The light of joy)
Iguguletbu le Afrika (Afrikan pride)
Ukupbela Kwenkinga Zonke (The end of all tribulation)

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Published : Feb 19 , 2020


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