No Worries Lyrics by VECTOR

Something fell in Nondo
Something fell in Nondo
Something fell in Nondo

Send me that thing 
When you come from the sky
In the middle of the night
While they sleeping in the night

And they wouldn't know 
What hit them like in a --
Thank God for you eeh

Many wanna know how I do it
How I do what I do 
When I do what I do
I just do what I do coz I do it

Man can do it, even in the --
Want talk height --
I know they hop on one leg
I know they play sue

Still stand out --
Too much fire --
When I step in the building
They stare in the hall 

Oluwa bless my day
Do am for me o
You a dey call the shots
So I no get no worries

Look at my beiby
My uptown baby o
Dance anjoli-ficate

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About this Song
Album : Crossroads/ No Worries (EP),
Release Year : 2020
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: May 22 , 2020
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