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Owoicho Fier Ma Lyrics

Owoicho Fier Ma Lyrics by TUSPARK OGEBE

Yeah yeah 
You already know know know
Oyi Idoma Dey here
When I wake up in the morning
I say my prayers 
Next to the studio
I give them de ma’nya 
Next to the club
Dem play my fire
De hustle don start 
So I tell God a’nya
See dem
They try to run me down
They try to stop my shine
But I come with God
Them cannot stop
Who God has touched 
His love all over me
Owoicho Fier ma 
Yeah yeah yeah 
Wetin de boy don see
They no know
Hustle 9-5
I Dey for go slow
Ororo Dey my head 
Make dem clear road
Oluwa ma gba gbe mi
I wan blow
Today Jamaica 
Tommoro na Russia
Next day na China
Killing every show
Taking all de doe
See them 
They to run me down
They try to stop my shine
But I come with God
Them can not stop
Who God has touched
His love all over me
Now for Lekki Them know me
Know me
For London they know me
Dangote de call me
Festac gals they want me
Paris people de hail me
Un’tor Owoicho Anya eh
E gor lor ner 
Anya eh


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About Owoicho Fier Ma

Album : Owoicho Fier Ma (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Godwin ogebe
Published : Nov 19 , 2020



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