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Chinonye Lyrics

Chinonye Lyrics by TUSPARK OGEBE

Are you ready
Eh her 
Common, Common, Common, Common

If i fit to speak
I go tell them say Na you
Your words bring me peace
Your smile fresh like breeze
Your kiss sweet like tea, ovaltine
See your waistline 
O’hu mor tu Gaga
Area boys de halla
As a fine gal
Baby kilofera
Nye nye nye
Chinonye, Chinonye
Chinonye, Chinonye

Gal I will be your Romeo 
You be my 
Will you be my Adesua
I will be your 
Will you be my sinner
I will be your 
Will you be my cold stone 
I will be your pizza
See your waistline
O hu mor tu Gaga 
Area boyz 
De halla
As a fine gal
Baby kilofera


About Chinonye

Album : (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Chinonye
Published : Nov 12 , 2020



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