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Yamor 2 Lyrics

Yamor 2 Lyrics by TORCH CITY

Yeahahahah aiiiii

I don’t trust nobody People lie allot
Your man go double cross you just fo find ei chop
Loyalty na action no be only mop
When Ngeme nock for door you turn be unsecured
Me i just be focused on my business
Am always on the move, fuck your stiffness
If music be na sport, this is fitness
I Murder every beat and leave no witness
Like na travel agency, men dem di trip
If you want learn how fo focus came ma crib
All the time na time fo work some time i no di sleep
Ya man be di sleep, but now so ei wan a bigger split
Ma juh tell you like E.N.A.M you no fit pass me
Unless na blunt
Only focus i juh deh leke some monk
Time no day fo chill, fo this pays you must strong
Like citron, men dem shiver anytime they taste ma song

As I lay last night I dream about some big tang
Wakeup for sharp still wear da ma big pang
Uptil now esque man don first mang
Man Di only check na sense how for pay rent for tang
Comot Bda came na for hustle no be lie
Man don enter Dou only the way time just Di fly
They say the sky na the limit all man Di Fly
Pass the sky Enter paradise
All thing na the eye, Life hard
I swear ye hard
As you check the sense for doe na for just Di findnam
As the doe Di came
Ma man na for just Di pammam
You no know tomorrow
Ma man na for just Di pammam
Pammam, Pammam
Apamareh for Di mehn them be don be na weti sef
Man Di get ye small doe
Then Di try for please ye self
I no know about Di mehn them all man get for check ye sense
If you get your doe then you ndem , you get for blame yourself
Life na dice All we roll the dice
If you win it’s nice That’s a lie
You most pay the price
Life no be disguise
Life no be disguise (Life no be disguise )
For all my mehn them for ghetto Success na key to the streets
Bad as ye bad you go always always overcome defeat
Money Di came some people turn them na for cheat for cheat
Na still your mehn them so all wuna Di breeze

Ain’t no fucken Love in the street you’ve got to hustle for your self
I kill them with the source
All man first know say man na sheff
Am steady on my grind
Yes I know that I’ll be fine
If this music be na race man most reach the finish line
And So I wake up every morning with a dream to go get it
Highest in The room am the man hope you get
Made a couple M’s with my Gee’s last Year
I was grinding from street but this year am doing well
When I bolo I most save
If I ndem den I foolish
Money dey for pocket but my problem no di finish
I make it look easy like 1,2,3
They Ain’t no motherfucker that can do it like me let’s get

I Di yamor
You Di yamor
I Di yamor
You Di yamor
If I Di yamor all we get for Yamor
If you Di yamor all we too go yamor
I Di yamor
You Di yamor
I Di yamor
You Di yamor
If I Di yamor all we get for Yamor
As you Di yamor all we too go yamor yamor yeeeh
Yamor Yamor Yamor
I Di yamor Yamor Yamor Yamor


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About Yamor 2

Album : Sense Pass King (EP)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Feb 25 , 2022

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