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Huhh eh eh
You know what it is

I don’t need love I just want fuck
Let’s have a good time Chill and not talk
This is good vibe but na bad fashion
She came for the dick with some more action
She likes henesy I got more liquor
Only doh for ma skin I got big figures
When she gives me head i scream blood of Jesus!
Shawty too bad ya body Dangerous
Let me confess I never cum first
Anytime I fuck you I make her cum first
Man na bad man boy dan useless
I let the money talk then I talk less
Ma life still straight like na 6 o’clock
Am out here balling coz I bed down work
Dengeh Don drop wunna start di talk
If you hating on me nigga then you bend down suck
Ma music don di play pass Barcelona
If you see me inside Benz know that am the owner
If I cross any chick I most score Conner
They say I don di craze jim bah bahn na? eeh eeh

Heayeehhh... uh
Banana nova trong you wantam make ei ripe?
Instead fo drop mutumbu you di drop na hype? (gerrat)
She use to be my my crush but now she's not my type
Uncle Cales no be plumber but i like fo pipe
Ma flow don ripe still di sour like na bele bele
Palava beef i di chopam like na nkele nkele
I flow tight but all wuna own dem lenge lenge
Go check ma catalog then came back give ma nkere
Men dem di chuk skin like tattoo machine
I dey fo here di work you dey di play like small pikin
With ya bear bear fo chin, I go show you something
Father Christmas for this game i no go give you ching ching
Wait.. Rappers di space like i be na planet
Ya ngar ei sex drive , i be na bonnet
Ma kana drip don di jam fo market
Mutumbu no fit jam till i kick bucket

Haaah Edico
Na only dull man go test if water deep with ye 2 foot
I no know wetha ma man you be fool
Man be Di waka all side withi bare foot
Bittam peid peid sotey reach school
They hate on me, I like them all
I still Di ball they like them talk
I still no fall ,I get them all you Dey for down
I stand for up, and Am always gons stand tall
When I drive dat ngar, I change gear
Make Ye know say my type over rear
Me I no Di shake shake, me I no Di fear
I be dat kanna Nigga wey I swear i no Di ever spear
Mehn them say I too Di high, ego
No be lie I stay high, Eagle
Dat ngar ye thing over tide
Fine ngar, waist thick only Cargo, Geng
I go take you like ma Ngwago Yeeeh

You know we out here
Vibes on vibes
Vibes on vibes TCT to the world we never gon stop you know what it is. (Hahah)
2022 mans taking over (huh)
New wave
New music
New EP
New Geng
Just bow nigga
They ain’t no competition you know what am saying?(haha)
Kwata Music (huh)
Beng Beng!!

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About Afro Rap

Album : Sense Pass King (EP)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Feb 25 , 2022

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