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The Love You Gave Lyrics

The Love You Gave Lyrics by THE UNITED VOICES (T.U.V)

 [1ST SOLO] 
The love you gave shows that we've.        
Conquered the world
Oh yes

The wondrous love shows that we overcome
My upholder, my sustainer, my deliverer, my redeemer
You are the only God
The miracle you've done can prove that you're incomparable
Oh yes

You answer prayers at a time you're just incredible 
My provider, my comforter, my deliverer, my defender
Ko s'eni t'ale fi o wè eh eh (so we say) 

We're more than conqueror
We've overcome the world 
Ko soba bi, re laye yi
Oba nla ti ko ni afiwe (2xce) 

Oh lord you gave me sunlight in my day

You gave me moonlight to cover my night

You told me T.U.V iwo ki o ku
Biko se iye eh 
Iye iye iye iye iye
You told me that you are a jealous God
Jealous God

Ogo re iwo ki o fifun enikankan 

Gegebi omo t'omore o
Mowa dupe lowo baba, 
Fun se rere, tose lori mi
(modulate into chorus 2xce) 
(Instrumental interlude)
(Back to chorus 2xce) 

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About The Love You Gave

Album : The Love You Gave (Single)
Release Year : 2019
Added By : T.U.V
Published : Oct 29 , 2019


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