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Last Verse Lyrics by STRONGMAN

Wate Anaa
Hey, yeah
Adekye Nsroma
Gye me din Nkrumah
Hyer3n s3 nsroma
Yede Rap atwa m’afruma
Mano ate okyer3ma
Me flow te akoma
Mede rap no a to gya so
Meb3 ho no s3 akroma

A letter to the wack rappers
Up for debate
I’m lifting the brand, so the bars elevate
Ny3 me march any day
I have what it takes
Dabi yeb3 celebrati me public holiday
B3tene nanso rap b) masene
M'ano no masene nti woka me deaa dwene

Charley rap afu me dwene
Atanfo flow b) ne hwene
Hwe s3 rap afu me dwene
K wonte ase3 a besene

Ah so many lines wid
So many rhymes
So many tried den, so many died
Rap wei mate bi da so many times
These set of rappers I'm so undefined

Always in my T-shirt but my flow is in my jeans
Mek) manim a paddy I can see yout pains
Started rapping when the Denmarks were the danes
Menb) meho abodin but me flow kyen mo kings

Rap na ma gadagada me flow eny3 dabadaba
Bars na me murder murder
K) o na me meny3 nn3ba
Timing no kamakama
Nti me ndwom no aka w'akoma
Kwaku rap no ey3 hotter than summer summer

Your goats can't make me run I'm your herdsmen
Forget the wedding na rap mu y3y3 bestmen
I keep appearing in your dreams am your nightmare
Me gyae su' emmer3 a mehu s3
Awards ntua y3 house rent

Tiko no a speed no Benz ho no timid
Wo try me a like someone from Finland
You are finished
Bensua drop beat bias na we go kill it
Joo relax na wony3 hard tes3 Gao ni ni pennis dabro

Y'amma ha amm3di agor)
Nsem nokor3 yentwa ntor)
Me mm3suro me seifo)
Kwaku sei me nni abor)

Y3 a y3siimu nyinaa ab3twam but mano eden s3 nwonkor)
Wow) ani a nka wobehu s3 
Aduaba no ebi abre nso ni apor)
Regardless, I still made it with the crazy way
Party time everyday nti menhu holidays
Me, m3suro Ghana rapper p3 ey3 funny
Tes3 fish a op3 umbrella on a rainy day

Punch ne mu duro nti me
Menfa bodyguards
VIP owner menni hwee mpo me w) bus
Papa rasta mame dough a wose mengye pass
Charley nnipa na eb)) wiase a 
Nka ebimo dwons) gas

Atanfo benya a nka daa na mey3 sad man
Me menhye o mennom nsa nso mey3 bad man
Ah Wode beef befa ha a memp3 soft o
Met) nantwinam mpo a mep3 hard one

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About Last Verse

Album : Last Verse (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Nov 27 , 2021



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