English Translation For Wewe ni Mkuu by SOUNDS OF WORSHIP

You are clothed with glory
Honor and majesty are Yours 
Your kingdom and authority last forever
With my mouth, I will confess

That you are a great God 
All creation give you thanks
Saying You are great

Indeed you are God
You’ve done great and mighty things
You are filled with wisdom and mercy
Indeed you God is great

You were crucified at Calvary, so I could live
You washed all my sins away
Now I am free 
In you Lord I will stand

THE undefeatable firm foundation
My body, soul
All my life, I give to You

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About Wewe ni Mkuu

Album : Wewe ni Mkuu (Single),
Release Year : 2020
Copyright: (c) 2020
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Oct 15 , 2020


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