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Money All I Need Lyrics

Money All I Need Lyrics by SOLIDMIGHTY

Money all I need All I need
Money is all I need , All need
Money is all need , All I need
Money is all I need All I need

Ooh fake niggaz running around
Acting as they are petter pan and they live a life of scam
AMA fuck you up where you never land
Keep calm and see what I became
Ooh I keep praying to win
Sin is a thing God forgive and make me a king oh
Even when I leave my name will still be in oh
I know I live a crazy life
Truly God I don’t need a lazy wife
Grand me hundred and thirty five oh
I live by your grace
Make me the one among my race
The first to the place Waiting for the days to rest my case oh
I keep my hopes high Why Nobody knows the time to die
Until then When I stop breathing
I will become what I believe in
All the cars and house I want to live in
And all the pussy I want to piss in oh
My family are poor
All those things you saw
Pick my call when I call When I smoke I need somethings to feed
Bless me from my head to my feet
Hear me when I speak
The tears that I weep
The night mare in my sleep
What do you spect me to tell my kid
Love and the kiss for the entire bitch
More oil on my diss

Money all I need All I need
Money is all I need All need
Money is all need All I need
Money is all I need All I need Oh

Hana apumu oye akaruguri
Asi na mu agabalu
They called me a smoker
Hanasi namu gafulu
Owa nne lead Una nne follow
Chineke na dindu
Kupu Epumu epu we miamia
Elumelu we giagia
The boy is poses we tiatia
Seha bia abia Tar unu buru ogeri asu
Kemesia mechalu ogeri racha
Emmri zuluazu gaemeshi kosha
Mouth way talk nonsense
Gemeshi duca sewa fuwa
They said that I was never born blow
That Am not good to flow
That am low But am waiting for God’s time to blow
God I thank God say you Dey hear
All this my enemies want me to Dey fear
But I Dey under your care I forget for no regrets
I call my soul my own
The next king to the throne
I got money at home
Many bitch to phone
Many meat at bone
Unknown I think to rethink My past come to past
Ask am equally to the tax Relax Oh
The worst must get better Sooner or later backwards never Forward ever
Trust your trust and believe the Gods Of course for nobody like us
True or false oh God Oh oh
If today is gone Then tomorrow is the future
It gonna be much adventure
Am content as my rap nature
Rank major I will rap till God rapture
Temporally torture But for me to be the best
I must transform The future
Do you want to be famed and later be ashamed
Hell and heavens are not the same
Men am feel ready with my lady
I don’t care about the enemies ready
Men look there look here I wanna to rap make you day hear Oh

Money all I need All I need
Money is all I need All need
Money is all need All I need
Money is all I need All I need

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About Money All I Need

Album : Money All I Need (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Solidmighty
Published : Oct 18 , 2022



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