English Translation For Extravaganza by SAUTI SOL

 The room is flat
 Sound Sol in addi area is cool
 Welcome to the extravaganza
 When Bensoul arrived he covered, eeeh
 They came up with dramas
 Our movies are telenovela, eeeh
 They pushed the tanks
 They didn't know we weren't born, eh
 You made the police
 But the police are also a fan, eeeh
 They hid the smoke
 They found us with a coin at the table
 The room is flat
 Sound Sol in a di area is light (Every corner, yo, yo)
 Welcome to the extravaganza
 When Nviiri arrived she covered, eeeh
 They closed the doors
 They found us in them
 You've made splinters
 Is it we who pay them (Wo-wo-wo-wo)
 You turned off the games
 The fan remained on the dance floor
 Let it be a lesson to them
 We lead those who follow in the footsteps
 The room is flat
 Voice Sol in a di area is getting dark
 Welcome to the extravaganza
 And when Crystal arrived she covered, eeeh
 They came with the crowd
 They turned into followers
 They came with water
 They found us fascinated by religion
 The phallic peaks
 But it's not a blaze of scissors
 Shoot at high speed
 Please don't be off the bus
 The room is flat
 Sound Sol in addi area is cool
 Welcome to the extravaganza
 When they arrived north they covered, eeeh
 They went south
 They found themselves in the north (Yeah)
 They came with gigs
 But we didn't come with music (Yeah)
 Wo-wo-wo, yeah yeah
 Even if they turn off the lights we will get worse
 Wo-wo-wo, yeah yeah
 These items do not require stitching
 And when they swear, (We swear)
 And when they cover, (We reveal)
 Eh if they stick, (We're expanding)
 And when they cleanse, (We pollute)
 Ayeee, Baby is soft (Mom, yo-yo-yoo)
 Sound Sol in addi area is cool
 Welcome to the extravaganza
 Welcome to the extravaganza
 Ayeee, Rumba has crawled
 Voice Sol in addi area sunset momyoo
 Welcome to the extravaganza
 Welcome to the extravaganza
 Why are you looking for trouble, trouble, trouble
 There are no stones at the police station
 Before you wash the backgrou

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About Extravaganza

Album : Extravaganza (Single),
Release Year : 2019
Copyright: (c) 2019 Sol Generation.
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: May 28 , 2019

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