English Translation For Bicha by RUTH WAMUYU

Have you ever heard of  
Anyone paying the debt of a stranger 

I know that you love me 
And you have good plans for me 

Every time I read your story 
And I capture what you did for me 
From the beginning to the end 
I want to be like you

What does man really want?
Just imagine he left the majesty of heaven 
Born in a manger since there was 
Nowhere for Him to be born 

Jesus you are so good 
You are kind and merciful 
Your love is unquantifiable 
The savior of my soul

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About Bicha

Album : Tiga Niwe/ Bicha (Album),
Release Year : 2020
Copyright: (c) 2020
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: May 05 , 2020


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