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Say My Name (Spread Love) Lyrics

Say My Name (Spread Love) Lyrics by RIKY RICK

Oh shit, wow
Oh shit, Oh shit, Oh shit
Oh no, oh shit
I see everybody waiting for some sort of explanation
Twitter going nuts, Instagram going crazy
Facebook doing its thing
What's Boss Zonke gonna do now?
Explain yourself
First of all (Niggas wanna say my name)
Real niggas know (Why you wanna say my name)
I ain't gon' say shit (A nigga tryna change)
But what I will say (I ain't tryna play no games)
Y'all Twitter niggas (Niggas wanna say my name)
Y'all niggas talking 'bout y'all tired of the beef (Why you wanna say my name, a nigga tryna change)
Y'all motherfuckers need to make up your minds (I ain't tryna play no games)
Please, please, please, please
Make up your fucking mind
Please, please please please
Y'all niggas talking 'bout SA hip hop needs to make peace
Niggas is making money, let's take care of this shit
Make up your fucking minds

Scoop: Find it in the air what's not there
Like your beats and your rhymes
Find it in the air, away from everything
Mountains in Lesotho
Horses, donkeys, go find it in the air
Go to the rivers, go to the caves
Go find it over there
[?] the buildings
It's not there, it's in the caves
And it's inside you… and skill to find it
It's looking for you as hard as you looking for it
But it's right underneath your nose like a moustache
Riky: Eish, one love my nigga, 
eish let's get back to work aye
Let me get back to work, 
I'm at the office my nigga
Scoop That's wassup)
Thanks Scoop

Spread love, spread love, spread love I'm just tryna spread love, 
spread love, spread love (We just tryna do this for the family)

Look at where we came from
Niggas ain't beefing, niggas is protecting their income
Me I ain't eating I'm just tryna hustle my kids some
Twitter blowing up they telling me that I did some
What the fuck y'all niggas talking 'bout?
I'm the only one who wanted these niggas to work it out
I'm the only one who was trying to make peace
I guess my only mistake was being a real G
I remember when I never had a pot to piss in
The game tryna remind me 'bout competition
The game tryna turn me against my idols
The desire to win is suicidal
Fuck rap, I'm doing this for survival
And I ain't special, you can also do what I do
As long as you understand controversy is viral
I don't wanna rap if rapping's about the titles
I don't wanna rap if the battle for who's next
Pits me against real niggas like Kid X
Cause before the stakes was high, we used to text
I don't wanna fight with my niggas to be the best
I don't wanna break down niggas, I wanna learn from 'em
But a little success will make you turn on 'em
I never got in this to satisfy the audience
I only got in this because rap gave me my guardians
And I don't wanna take any food out of your mouth
I'm hoping you make money and buy yourself a house
And get yourself a wifey, like someone that you can live with
Someone that you love, someone you can have some kids with
And all she wanna do is be with you on Christmas
She don't wanna know where the money is,
Where the hits is
She don't wanna know about beef, don't care about disses
Top it all off, she still washes the dishes
These are the things we get dissed for
The only things that mean something when you piss poor
I could've told you bout the props that I'm owed
But I'm just tryna let you know that Family Values is gold
Niggas we did it

I just wanna say thank you for all the support and love
2015, 2016 let's push love and happiness
Spread love, people are dying out there
Kids are going to school with no school books
Motherfuckers is hungry, no jobs
We got other shit to worry about

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About Say My Name (Spread Love)

Album : Say My Name (Spread Love)
Release Year : 2015
Added By : Olivier charly
Published : Feb 20 , 2020

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