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Call Me Rema (Freestyle) Lyrics

Call Me Rema (Freestyle) Lyrics by REMA

Wakeup and I pray for your blessing yo
Bad energy, you just take it faraway
Wakeup and I pray for your blessing yo
Everyday I’m praying for direction
And if I sin forgive me for my action

They call me Remy but they don’t understand me yo
They think I’m crazy but I do it ok
Many rappers but I do it in a new way
Everybody, dey be working down the same lane,
But I never ever wanna be on that train
I just gotta work now, I just get my money paid
Bad energy, you just take it faraway
And I get the strap if you ever disobey

I’m praying everyday
Buh now she look and tell me
Love me buh I love you
Tell me why you, lonely why you lonely
Baby why you lonely
That you never love me
Na she wanna love me
Na she wanna call me
Na she got me looking I’m trapping for my hommie
All the haters running and I pullup in a Rari
When they call me Zaddy
Shopping with the army
That you ever cross me
You should get some--

Yeah! I got Cross up on ma chain
And I never fall in love
Get your feelings off my way
Ei winning everyday
I don’t know what else to say
Got a house on ma name
I don’t wanna do it fake and do it fake
No matter what they tell you, work and never be afraid
And I told ma mama I be praying everyday
I know that I love you but it kind of fade away
I pull up in a rollie and I steady yaya!

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About Call Me Rema (Freestyle)

Album : Call Me Rema (Freestyle) (Single)
Release Year : 2019
Copyright : (c) 2022
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Feb 20 , 2022

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