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Purple Song Lyrics

Purple Song Lyrics by OMAH LAY

Do you know how that feels?
Do you know how it feels?
To love somebody and they don’t love you back?

You don’t go turn the TV on
And expect me not to be on it
You no go touch the radio (radioooo)
If you don’t want to hear the voices
You don’t have to listen to my songs
But you don’t have too many choices
Even if say you kneel down dey beg
Even if say you hook me for neck
Even if the world don dey end
Even if dem don lock me for cell
I cannot let you go
Only water fit cool my soul
Rock my body till you hit my bone
Only your shot fit reach my goal
Even if say you catch me dey moan
Even if say you see me dey fuck
Even if my head e don dey touch
Even if I don’t want you no more
You should not let me go
Only my water fit cool your soul
Only your hand fit heal my wound
Only your mouth fit lick my soup

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About Purple Song

Album : Boy Alone (Album)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Jul 15 , 2022

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