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Are You Okay Lyrics

Are You Okay Lyrics by OKESE1

Mama mama I am sick
Call the doctor very quick
Doctor doctor shall i die
No baby wait

Are you ok?
Herr gyama wobo adea
W’aho amotia okyea de3
Krakye fans no se
Are you ok
Haah boy too humble
Afe wae may3 Rambo
Krakye Fans no se
Are you ok hmm
Maabena fr3me na Nadia fre
Boys twer3 me na fans twer3

Obia busa s3
Are you ok
Daabi mehia car
Mehia dough, Mehia fon, mehia bolt
Twia bi ba
Are you ok

Gentle man eeh afe wae meky3 lens
Wanshia mia fine
S3 woshia me soa talk sense
You for show respect
Nana br3 woho ase
Wae y3 amotia qanq (3y3 ho)
If you really dont know me
Dont control me

Na 3y3 wo Boss ne yonko
Ny3 kasa pii s3 3sh3 woho ah shia me abontin hw3 ade3
Obia 18 years na meto first car
Berma Wobo ade3
Her na mosr3 ade3 era wae meb3tia mo
Okese1 nie meb3tia mo
Amotia hene meb3tia mo
Chairman ba oo
Ob3 sr3 sr3 coins
chairman 123, owiea odi ne last ato Benz
Rent aso oo Landlord calling
Are you really Land Lord (Yie yie)

Hwan n3 ky3r3 wo s3 client no pi ah mano bill
Eeerh Okese1 in the building
Hwan na w’abie w’ani afe de3 wofa pill
3y3 waa Bossu
Ungrateful boy (are you ok)
Mema wo loan 4 times, 3bia wantua
Thurdays wob3ti court rise
Everyday we move wanim s3 amotia kelvin shoe
Okese1 know say i love you
Neyi naa 3y3 fan fool
I will pay you next week (3y3 fan fool)
Me client b3tua me (3y3 fan fool)
Ndwom yi mboa me (3y3 fan fool)
Y3 bl3 ooo

Yieee omoa wo, omoa wo
Dada awo, Dada awo
Yiee omoa wo, omoa wo
Dada awo, Dada awo
Amotia qanq y3n gyae mo ah

Y3 kora mo, Nana Nyame nsuroma
Amotia qanq y3n gyae mo ah
Y3 kora mo, Nana Nyame nsuroma
Wosa awo n3ni, Wosa awo n3ni
Are you okay
Okese1 in the building

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About Are You Okay

Album : Are You Okay (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Feb 26 , 2021

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