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Me Because Of You Lyrics

Me Because Of You Lyrics by NTAATE

All the honor I see
As the world praises me
If it weren’t by your name I’d be nothing still
I define, I define, I define today
They point and say, see a woman of God
In me, in me
Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah
Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah
Praise the man that made me some body
Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah
By your name I value so highly
You’re the one that made me some body
I sing hallelujah to the name of the man that I love
Hale Haalleluujah

Here I am, send me to the ends of the world Lord
I live to worship you
I live to honor you Lord
Take my heart where please
I’m happy for where you’ve brought it
Ebenezer, this is how far the Lord has brought us

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About Me Because Of You

Album : Me Because Of You (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Farida
Published : May 26 , 2021

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