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That's Hard Lyrics

That's Hard Lyrics by NASTY C

How much you wanna bet if I talk to her
She gon' cry, cry, cry?
How much you wanna bet about a year ago
I was not her type?

How much you wanna bet two commas
I'll make a bitch pause for real?
Yeah, yeah I got 'em in awe for real
Make a bitch blush like Saw for real

That's hard
My shit harder than Hobbs and Shaw for real
AMG, might jump out the whip
This shit got automatic park for real
I'm done with you niggas 

And I ain't even start for real
Say my tunes ain't art for real
Now you on board like chalk for real 
Whole new sauce for real, that's hard

Finessing this Pro Tools chains
Like Vegeta and Goku
Whole lotta sparks, Sparks like Jordin
Air or no air, I'm so cool

Why you tell people I owe you?
Deep down you just love telling your friends 
I know you, know you
Some say--, some say lovoo, lovoo
There's something about a Lagos ting 
Wwhen she say "I love you" (God damn)

Yeah, God damn
God damn

Whole lotta grills and tatts like Joker
But I'm not joking
Y'all careers is flimsy and blurry
Y'all not focused
Gave y'all niggas some hope

Then y'all tried to fuck me over
And now y'all hopeless
I smoked y'all niggas already
And y'all not potent

Old ass niggas that been in the game 
With nothing to show for it, out here coaching
Hate that I'm the elephant in the room
That niggas will not be poaching the bear

That y'all should not be poking
The heir to the throne
The guy with the gold teeth
Stop comparing me to lame niggas
You can bring change in the air 
With my name nigga (Damn)

Yeah, God damn
Yeah, God damn

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About That's Hard

Album : Zulu Man With Some Power (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Aug 27 , 2020

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