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Thot Box Freestyle Lyrics

Thot Box Freestyle Lyrics by MS BANKS

Keep it real none of dem bitches ain’t fuckin wid me
I know u mad but it’s prolly cos u fuckin for free
Can’t let a dog or a bum drain my energy b
Stay schoolin ‘em and I ain’t got a fuckin degree
Ayo tell me why these niggas so insecure?
You a player ain’t u seen a bad bitch before?
He wanna settle the score tryna hit this raw
Wanna get all up in my walls like some new decor‘
You know I, you know I aim to pls
The grip and squeeze stronger than Megan’s knees
I only F with G’s let him smoke some trees
He with me he be thinking he in the sun and the breeze
My wrist 18k still can’t give these man the time of the day
I got the sauce no chick-fil-a
And these girls giving me intros I know the play
Saying that’s your man I ain’t tryna fuck anyway
Ain’t gotta rap about my kitty but shit if it’s good why not?
How many man can say they had this box?
2020, 2020 vision doing A LOT
If I sold it out the box I’d have your block on lock, WHAT!!!

Came in the game, made a name
Baby girl we ain’t the same, stay in your lane
You ain’t know I’m on some shit and I can’t be tamed
I’ll back my wig off on a bitch I ain’t got no shame
It ain’t at least 9 inches can’t get me wet
And if you acting like a pussy boy I don’t pet
bussin’ like a factory set on a new Patek
If it ain’t numbers on a paper I don’t take no check
From who? What the fuck is u bitches gaan do?
(U could never) what you really think I’ll have it from u?
Nails got longer ass got bigger
You ain’t never catch me slipping wid’ no broke ass nigga
Don’t bother putting up a offer if it ain’t 6 figures
If these bitches don’t shit imma still eat dinner
The fuckin bag only ting I’m inner
Thought I couldn’t get any bigger?

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About Thot Box Freestyle

Album : Thot Box Freestyle (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Farida
Published : Aug 26 , 2020

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