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Stop it!!!
Last year macavelli gee sɛn
Enti mo daso de m’ano bↄ abɛn
Kala no see omfa ne number mma me
MM wo boy no otwi car bɛn
Wotua anaa yɛɛtua wo
Woosi anaa yɛɛpia wo
Wookye anaa yɛɛkyea wo
Wotia so anaa yɛɛtea wo (God dammitↄ
Boy boy deɛ daabi da
Nyankopↄn nti yɛwↄ baabi da
Onti meti, meegye me sika
I dey try more angels, frɛ me bermuda
Let them flow like MDK
Them no get lifestyle like MDK
Yɛbɛ tumi abↄ wo din ama wo
But you never go git bore like MDK

Still no fears, yɛbɛwu aa nka yɛ wuu last year
Wotan me ah joo bɛgye hankie, because it will end in tears
Wohene nie ↄyɛ me kyeamee, ɛnora koraa ↄbaa fie bɛkyea me
B33bi aa maduru no deɛ iron koraa ntumi nto me anka wo bɛboa me
Who get pass we, we no dey base
And spill like am pregnant with you kings
Spider sef no dey hold we too many handoutting shit
Internet never dey browse pass we, too many handouting shit
Enyɛ gidigidi, feeli feeli, monfa no sɛ meyɛ gyimi gyimii
Wobɛhunu aa na meesen
Keep hating, gobɛ ɛɛma no constipation cuz am the shit
And they keep debating strike you law on the floor like Raiden
Bravo am a king and I need no crown
Got bars like London town, live a circus but I ain’t no clown
See they know my name and they love my sounds
Human ain’t got nothing on men meet me on the street takes signing in
Might catch me at the club with a peach
Peace Cotulla, mass got game like pogba
Mass got skills like drogba showing nova, taking over huh
Might pull up in a rover
Big man thingn life is a cycle peddling thing
Just got married to sir ellington, lifestyle on drug is a medicine thing
Make another brown shine, Thomas Edison thing
King of a ring is a wrestling thing
Make the gyal them blow me referee thing
Don’t know about you but everybody likes my thing and it’s plenty

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About Stop It

Album : Stop It (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Farida
Published : Nov 03 , 2020

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