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The Viper Lyrics

The Viper Lyrics by M.I ABAGA

And so the Viper wants to war with me
My OG called and said "yo M.I don't reward him” B
Remember, building bridges been our priority
Remember who you are Judah promise me."
So I swore by my name cause there is no higher authority
I will not destroy you instead I give you maturity
Your soul is unclean, your heart is full of impurity and
Jealousy, jealousy nigga jealousy ah!
This isn't a diss, this is truth listen
This is wisdom I'm giving to you cause you my youth
You can never battle Jude your default setting is lose
That's why I choose when you raise yout alarm
To hit that snooze, you've always hated me
Your very first line, your first single showed how you rated me
But Lanre see, I've always rated you
You no be mate to me tho
You should look up to me like your pale
I'm happy my son is taller
Doesn't mean you won't dobale, chale

You've had a jealous heart since you was a child
That why everybody who loves you ends abused and defiled
But you’re in denial, blaming everyone but yourself
Already fake when no one knew you and then fame didn’t help
Look how you treated YSG
When them niggas really believed in you
Fucking snake, always bite the hand of people feeding you
AQ was your guy you did nothing to help him blossom no
But since he's been around me
That nigga's been doing awesome
Your manager and cousin gave you all
Cause he believed
When you got arrested he sat in jail with you
Who wouldn't leave
But as you head dey hot, got rid of nigga just like a weave
And he still put you on his CV we gave him a job at CC
See we rise by lifting others, who you lifted?
Nobody in all these years
Can say that Vector put em in position wow
You sinned against the order of heaven
That's why the God has brought you to me
To be reborn and forgiven
My nigga let's, pray

I swear by my name cause there is no higher authority
I will not destroy you instead I give you maturity
I'm tryna save your life Lanre, that's my priority
Cause you let, jealousy jealousy fuck your legacy up
Yeah, this isn't a diss, this is compassion
This is papa talking to you instead of giving you lashing
I know your fans are gonna demand that you revenge
But will they crowdfund for you
When It's time to pay your rent
I'm willing and able, I'll put 20 million on the table
That's budget for you to spend
And CC will float your label
Just swallow your pride, let me show you how to be king
You came with chickens to my spot
But didn't buy chicken wings?
Let your niggas fly, it's my spot, y'all can eat free food
Shebi you waited for my reply so let me CC you
You have a choice, take my hand and let me free you
I heard you're roasting in your girl's place you B's BQ
You're not even top 5 from Yorubaland
Mode, Eldee, Bahdo, Dagrin, Remi, YCEE and Falz
Omo see the queue
When I'm the GOAT so tell me what I gain if me beat you?
I rather me teach you, so you can reach
And  that will never happen

So when you old your children ask you what happened?
Cause people laughing
Just tell em daddy was jealous while rapping
Daddy was jealous from birth
Was jealous inside the scrotum
Jealously looking at other sperm cells wishing you choke em
Daddy was jealous of your mother
And that's how I fucked myself
Daddy was jealous of MI
But damn, I should've stopped myself
One day on stage and daddy started blabbing
The reason why is when MI and I would fly together we'd sit in different cabins
When daddy saw MI's cypher and jealousy got the best of him
MI was telling Hennessy, pay the rappers who're rapping
But daddy thought it was about him
And tried to send him a message
Then MI taught dad a lesson and daddy made full confessions
Then daddy stopped being jealous
And daddy became a blessing
Daddy said "yeah, Teeto and Boogey were disrespected."
And daddy's daddy MI said "my son, your gift is special
Remember just don't be jealous
God wants you to be a vessel, my son"

You mean, all this noise and seizures
Is because you didn't get a feature? nigga damn
I'm always helping people shine
You got the same platform
Worry bout yours not about mine
My nigga damn
I still love you like a son
So I promise that you can diss me how you want
I won't respond, to you
But after dropping your diss track
I hope you sit and listen back to everything that MI spat
Because it's true

It's better to give than to receive
And so I'm giving you for free
A gift and between you and me
You know I'm right (I'm right)
So give them all they want to see
Get all your memes and your retweets
But just don't only win the beef, win in life
You called me short man at the Headies
And I could've been real petty
But my head is always heavy from the crown
Choc City want in doing biz
And my shares can help you feed your kids
When you sign I built that from the ground
You came and drank at the place I own
I'm tryna help you get your own Lanre
I represent a higher power
I represent the voice of God, to you

So all these years you ain't helped one person
You ain't put one person one person on
You ain't sign nobody
There's no manager, no artist, no fashion designer
Nobody connected to you doing well
It's cause your heart is fucking bitter
Psalms 1, go read Psalms 1 bro
If you were right
You'd blossom and the people around you would be blessed

My brother knack am, knack am
Make we dey go, I no wan see
This has to be the only one
Knack this guy
I dey feel am, knack am


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About The Viper

Album : The Viper (Single)
Release Year : 2019
Copyright : (c) Chocolate City Music
Added By : Regee
Published : Oct 05 , 2019

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