Crazy Lyrics by M.I ABAGA

You hit me on that side
Hmm, why is toxic love always so sweet?
And then I hit you on your weak side
We gotta wear boxing gloves before we speak
You only know 'cause I told you
Yeah, when you love someone you know where they weak
I only know 'cause you trusted me
Gave you my secrets to keep, you used them to make me crazy
Yeah, isn't it crazy how we treat each other? (Crazy)
Mm-hmm, yeah

I'm not a saint, I never was
But when I'm with you, I turn to venon
It doesn't feel good and I don't feel too good
But with you out here, I want you here
Can't explain it
I feel lost (I feel, I feel lost)
And I don't know who I am
I feel lost (I feel, I feel lost)
And I don't know who I am
I feel lost (I feel, I feel lost)
And I don't know who I am (don't know who I am)
I feel lost (I feel, I feel lost)
And I don't know who I am

Twitter shit is a war zone, it's a minefield
I been studying the data just like a scientist
We hooked to it, connected just like appliances
It's exposing our prejudices, our biases, damn
Look at us, look at society like
I know so many people who need a psychiatrist like
We curate, couldn't survive it, wow
Public speaking cannot survive it, damn
We are a generation of people beaten by parents
Who didn't know love when they was raised
So when we hear opinions that differ from ours
We get abusive and start insulting the people who say 'em, crazy
We gotta be better, we gotta be kind
People be savage on Twitter, be dying inside
Wish you could see how I'm feeling inside
But I guess I'll be good, everyone will be fine (crazy), right?
You ask a mob for advice, you end up killing, Jesus Christ
It's how it goes, hm
Why do we get so upset when a different opinion is a threat
Anybody know?
We gotta
Be kind
You never know what people are going through
It's crazy out there

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About Crazy

Album : The Guy (Album)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Oct 14 , 2022

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