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The Hate Lyrics

The Hate Lyrics by M.I ABAGA

What's up with all the hate tho
What's up with all the hate tho
'Cause all I done for you nigga is make roads
What's up with all the hate tho
War-time I'm ready nigga Kratos
What's up with all the hate tho
What's up with all the hate tho, ma nigga

You don't respect your elders anymore
Alright, it's okay bro
But you should bow down when you talk to me
The bought my shit down in Soweto
I'm a god, I'm a king, I'm a Pharoah (Yes)
Been a leader since I was a day old
When I talk you should pay close attention
'Cause of why?, 'cause I say so
What's up with all the hate tho
I pun the philosophy from plato
From now y'all anonymous to me una dey break code
Me, I been blessed by mai cheto
Flows been decent, not just recent
Boss since y'all was in nursery
I turned forty last year but I been a legend
Since way back when I was like fu- thirties
Think about it
When you see me, you show courtesy
'Cause I show you thirsty nigga mercy
I heard this one nigga say that he would mock me
Make me a legend for eternity, na nigga you rebirth me
And you're not even worthy
I get sick when I talk about it, allergic
My brother's the emperor and you're not even the sergeant
I made away for you to eat, I was determined
Ohhhh, I got a sermon
I made the rap game better for nigga like you then
Helped you specifically nigga I earned this
And that's why anytime they call me vermin
I get so angry, mehn I'm burning cos I'm a lion
Ain't funny that's my fucking name
Jukun man from Taraba here to change the game
Since they heard my lines anytime nigga drown
Call themselves the best it's I hear
Doesn't hit the same
How far will all the hate bro
I'm war ready, I'm soldier boy, I'm drako
I'ma run through paper, Imma staple
Slow nigga can't win here, that's a fable
You're looking at the general in plain cloths
You stop faking then we make snow
Young blood I'm at the big man table
Sitting there with my nigga Naeto (Yes boss)
Strategizing how to free the people
Making chips without peeling the potatoes
Nigga can't catch up if I give them all tomatoes
Fuck with me and end up in the deep hole
That's on finito, final
New album out on vinyl
Chopsticks on the beat, feel it in your spinals
Changed my name from MI Abaga, I'm the guy now

What'sup with all the hate tho
You're talking to a legend- in the flesh
Show some respect

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About The Hate

Album : The Guy (Album)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Aug 23 , 2022

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