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5th August 6 Lyrics

5th August 6 Lyrics by LYRICAL JOE

Reading me is reading through Encyclopedia
We are no lesser gods so we never get drunk from the libation poured
By the traditional men in the traditional media
Mekyer3 a hype mfay3n da
Aside Jovi, it’s only few rapping in Cameroon
Aside Khaligraph, is anybody rapping in Kenya
Aside Mex Cortex, do people rape in Tanzania
Just two rappers have AQ’s IQ in Nigeria
Maybe you didn’t get it, come closer
Dissimer, I can sack your last album with no pressure
Sark first nomination, first win record breaker
Forget Twitter, if we’re setting rap polls , you’re a stripper
Some say I don’t deserve the crown
VGMA said otherwise
Just when I was worried by thinking my doubters were right
King Solomon came to my dream and said they are never wise
If these rappers married to the game, then I just killed a wife
My statics are major, I should hit Weezy up
Tell ‘em I’m going back in time to be featured on lollipop
Don’t bring your two cents here. Keep it a 100 or a 50
Life can be a candy shop if many men will power up
Never missing
Before Nissan, I was a pathfinder who lands high
Go tell Toyota there’s a highlander who is aud-ibly making Benz
With the speed of a jaguar
When everyone sees the range, I ain’t talking rover
Y’all can take the third position when it comes to doing this
I’m number 1 and number 2
I’m the shit & I’m the piss
This is 2 brains, 2 thoughts, 2 sense and two heads
I’m too blown like I’m getting BJ from a Siamese
Red beam beam beam  I stone a boy with a laser
A rocker but Jay Z did not define this fella
This is it, the rap game Savior and Destroyer
The way I make a move from a Hero to a Hiroshima
Call this one the Genesis where creation began for y’all
I add arm so if I’m able to cane y’all
It shouldn’t be a surprise, I pull up in whips bruh
My D long, you rappers are wombs, time to shift bruh
Left to bone your ladies, I’m back in the flesh finally
I got away with murder
How I did it? They need analyst (Annalise)
I found a pot to piss in, watch them kick the bucket calmly
A word-smith enough to surname the Will family
So get dirty, this spiritual and lyrical republic celebration like KNUST
Prrrrrrrrrrrr referee
Vision clear Keep an open eye
A Leo at work but looking close, you see a gem in I
Reading news about papers we get and they hate the graphics
Streets say I’m dope. No traffic lights controls the drugs I traffic
I master classics and never blow my horn da
But the applause they accord me faster than any civic
No telling this no telling that Gossip i debunk
Anywhere you see me with a teller, prolly at the Bank
I don’t really socialize but listen men.These lines will hang
Getting better with time like wine guess my life is drunk
Mythical factual Kicking biblical visuals and when it gets lyrical
You know Joe be standing very tall like a twin to the tower
But there is nothing identical
They couldn’t break me down coming plain
It’s more than physical
Preached and gave y’all sermons before Black Sherif’s reality
King in these waters Before streams, I had my Royalties
Who gave them the audacity My respect till infinity
You rappers way too needy and this time, I’m doing charity
God’s hottest creation and he didn’t need clay
He made me while the sunshine, switch my name from Joe to Hay
Charley every year I am hungry. Get these rappers off around me
Piss on them and win again. This is Kanye and the Grammies
You fear? Piss piss! We go tear piece piece
10 legged fashions Fits out in a rare outfit! Charley where peace is
I’m a rare species
We reach the sun and the moon when I air these clips
On the Bible when I tell you this game is my sex missus
Make her arch it like Noah and give me a split like Moses
I do things. That’s school things See loose things, then I screw things
Out of this world like Avatar but this energy ain’t from blue genes
Told God I will be creative
I just need an eye  an arm Now God is saying I’m a god
I am is saying that I am and that is self-education if this life is an exam
Who are you? Me? I am a student of the teacher that I am
Forget Covid, rappers practice social distance when you see me
Keep it 100 meters I’ll give you a run for your money
Top 5 and you are naming your children, this ain’t  out-dooring
Too much raps I’m only competing with Egyptian mummies
Thanos snapping
You won’t live to see the picture, don’t be posing
GOD is rapping when a bar drops the feeling is heavenly
Tribulation! go tell them this rap will come after rapture
‘Cause I’m the one ahead of three six seek  thirty seven
Bar setters, the inspiration drawing architect
In my bag where every single rapper is a pickpocket
Born sinners but we are some hell of hustlers
Getting Godly money like offering bowls cash prophets

Here to stay, guess  I’m on the latest
You rappers mid, weak like Wednesday, next
My swag funk I flex You rappers breakfast
We can do it in the morning I’m calling sway, bet
Money I’m stuck to but not a free spirit
Even in America, my liberty cannot be represented by a statue
Gold Coast flow You Meners want coup d’etat
you loose your head like kwame Nkrumah’s original statue
Kofi yesu! my dogs,they bark
I go six stomach bones with the flows I’m packed
I shook some knights until I shorn her like combs
I’m too legend with rapping I should be BIG like PAC
Oh Lord I looked within and passed the look from within test
Natural wealth Spider-Man 1 with the net worth
When I drop this the world is not where I’m trying to get
I’m as it is I’m heaven, thy will, I’m done on earth
 I know lesser gods who went ahead and stole my lines
But heaven ain’t out of credit when GOD is still on my line
The boy is still number nine
At a time it was all love but this one is a dick in the sky
Who wants to fuck up ?
The bars I still drop. I came to show afropop
The only hip hopper singing in his reign  like a frog
A time traveler, with only two luggages
Money bags and body bags which are you fitting in
The flow resonates with every spirit in this sector
So I’m constantly in a trans, forget gender
When you are rapping this good your hater becomes your lover
Tried to paint my greatness like a bitch but they got Mona Lisa
Prices gone up while I compete with the sun it’s just a warm up
Refuse to be broke
 I need the sterling, shout out to Omar
Not when I’m alive! not even when I’m dead and buried
Your ladies ain’t hot enough to give my skeleton a boner

All feminine raw
Eeny meeny miny moe
Nanny or the mom
Ain’t it sunny ?
Sipping henny getting money Put them in the sauce

You know it. I rose and others are getting the venom
Anonymous animals flow I doze them
Callers are carting I’m drifting off
Dangerous minimum crazy I drove them
You don’t really wanna see me pissed off
Better know say nobody go distort cuz
I know say nobody got this thought in this stores I’m a big bruh
I’m a lyrical genius keep off
And they looking at me like a reap off
And they thank you for putting me on
I’m a milli-llion they Dey make I Dey yawn
In a billi-llion ima lili-live on
Don’t be silly-lly really-lly
We are the dons! Everything no be norm
When the ladies Dey mourn and I killill-it
Feelili-it what we Dey run ?
Lyrical Jaganath they couldn’t judge or not
I’m in a crazy nut
Then I bought everything coming forth showing them what
I got soon as I do a lot I no Dey stop
Fooling them with a dot
Then I go overboard making the body’s drop
I’ve been a topic cuz you  Niggas talk too much pick a pen up
And jot  you know that I do it hot
Cause when cost drop on front floors to your front doors
And your drop floors imma burst burst better pause cause it’s boss-Ross
Too hard need a zoo lifestyle too wild
You know GOD be my security and he never loose guard
You can never touch my level your thinking is a façade
You think you evil till I pull a brad Pitt i sin bad (sin-bad)
Berma I no Dey rate the ones you Dey rate you can set a date
Somebody for run and tell them say Lyrical Dey rage
Spooky this is very spooky but this is not a movie
Don’t enter the lions gate cuz that dream won’t work here Show me the match?
You a rate and a pussy I mean you are your catch
You know it’s gon be the titans on any day that we clash
And you can be color blind but still it’s ashes to ash
Listen, old folks forgot no go slow support i over see
This one for all those abroad the flows float onboard from Gold Coast of-course
I pen creation I ghost wrote for GOD
With sounds in my cloud but you people love to copy so before
I make it rain I get my audio marked so you see the spot if
I did it, it go boom if they play it forbidden to bite even on Apple Music on GOD
I came with different ways to blow I’m the most dynamic dynamite
Light years ahead before creator said let there be light
When lunch was my supper I took a branch on that  hunger drive to break fast
But doesn’t mean success was overnight
Wooow what do you hear ? Fixing your ears
Straight lines for 12 months I’m ruling the year In a country
With no national flights and I’m
Still controlling the airways here
So let the crowd scream! While the verses are clapping
Most slept on I know what everyone is dreaming
I’m sitting on top of a lyrical pyramid aliens communicating
This 5th august like New York it has a man heart in
Me fere Ghana but flow Nu ay3 ne hu foreigner
Hard to accept the one behind this bares is not a prisoner
I’m taking Y from the Y-ear now you are a listener
Apple product password I’m a eye (I) opener
We know your address homie you stay in your feelings
We? we are some superhero’s given birth to by villains
Homie I will be dream chasing on the run when I’m sleeping
Meek Milly will be marveled  by the way I’m Dc’ein
I see what I hear cuz i have ears
It’s a fucking come back like a  make up sex
A problem to this racist I’m blacking out here
Attention is cheap to pay but still they owe me out here
We in a moving era that’s why every single day
I take a step like daddy brought a child from a different mother
I’m policing every bar and I’m not even taking bribe
Even tho I got love for this one Ghana, one soldier

Maintaining em
When remaining men
I will amend
Memes couldn’t be my mm runs
Melanin million m’s
Pop with the chopper like tututu
Trap for the guala I do do do
Came from the gutter life
You ain’t really gota like
Line everybody like you you you
By 15 I was making the hottest look like amateurs
By 16 I was the coldest like the  ac temperatures
Decorating my hall of fame painting my pain and yes
It Took the wood out of Hollywood to carve my furniture
This will bring you healing it’s therapy for the young and gray
A doctor on this
Beats I made a M and that’s a word to dre
I’m here to stay, in this rap thing like a building wasn’t made last night
But I cleaned and owned the house today
Tell the awards I deserve the crown every year
Tell the awards I deserve the brown every year
Cuz rap been the apple of my eye
And I ain’t even seen Adam and Eve take a bite yet, beast

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Album : 5th August 6 (Single)
Release Year : 2022
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