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2 Birds Lyrics by LYRICAL JOE

Me I am a beast man!
I don’t care about you kings and gods
Or whatever the fvck you all niqqas 
Think you all are
From this side
We give respect to who gives respect

Yeah, com’on goat you’re mad at me?
called me pig so i dragged you in the mud with me
You said it’s all about lyrical ability when
I am the only Lyrical here show me your ability

Let’s say I am not a star I am an underground artiste
Yeah…I don’t have followers
I don’t have blue ticks
I don’t play big shows
I am not an A-list
Let’s say in my own country
I am not the topic…haha

I just gave you the dead on me
I’m just wondering how I became your rivalry
First 10k views your fans gave me
But when you do a good job
They gotto pay you B
Kama! What’s this you niqqas worshipping
A god that is lacking creativity

Your fans are about to die and start
ghosting your tweets since you’re a god
and twetter is wher your heaven is
Household name in Cameroon
How? I analyzed this sh!t and got the answer
I realized what it take to be a star in Cameroon
Is what it take to be underground in Ghana

I am not original cos i rap like a foreigner?
Oh Lord! which foreigner artiste are you better than?
Oh Lord
Show me a rapper copying your style
Who’s being heard in Ghana like 
I’m being heard in your country now
I heard replies from your little dummies
They’re all rapping like they never get food
What have you been cooking, 
Gee..y’all hurt time heals
But if you rapping like that you can’t
Afford a rolex…hahaha
Since I drop y’all wasting your feelings bro
I’m just whoppin your a$$ then I am out
Adios…Listen y’all

I’m study sweeping people of their feets
you drop so much trash you should sweeping studios
Don’t beef i’m in the building you know it
I came from the concrete
I put my life on it none of you rappers are 
Coming for me in this conflict
I heard you wrote a song for Akon
With no bars that’swhy you couldn’t become a convict

But errrmm
you look like 60 old are you? Man!
I heard you’ve been doing this for long
Is that true? Man!
Not even a local award you’re just like me, man!
Check my Youtube 
My views are very small like your achievements

So, Jovi why you tryna beef Sark?
For fame, cars, wealth?
Man! I thought you had that
All to gain recognition as a top notch?
Such a head and still opportunity never knocked?
Naah…you’re too grown
I can’t even say you’re kidding me
You look like a rapist but still begging to penetrate

You got a label name “New Bells”
But the last time we checked your label 
Hasn’t been ringing sh!t
Disrespectful mess with me I'll put you on my plate
Claiming top 5 in a country where rappers are nit up to 3
I had to point my gun down to kill you're not worth my aim
Didn't feel like I was taking a shot at a top artiste

Camer, only place you rock the people blind
Your head, that's what has been blocking upcomers shine
You already lost but choosing to reply me is like saying 
I'll rather be killed than commit a suicide

You shouldn't have dissed me on mentality
You killed yourself but go ahead
Do a trbute song for yourself
Oh I forgot you are dead, its very sad you're just a ghost

Well that's a chance for you to ghost write for yourself
A man who took rap as a hobby that's why you drop gay bars
Use facts to come at you but your life got facts
You've been an ass for soo long your life got fart

There is no F to your fart so all you do is act on Twitter
Kao Denero shut the 'F' up
A grown man like you should never be chasing these clouds
But this is what happens when a country let you 
Fill up a stadium without checking if you filled your head up

I give you the priviledge to coma at African finest
Only way I could be underground is in Sierra Leone
And some diamond, Silence!
You're not my competition
Stone in a hand of David I normally go for giants

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Album : 2 Birds
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Apr 23 , 2020



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