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Feel The Same Lyrics

Feel The Same Lyrics by LEAZY CEE

Oh my God it's Yo Boy Leazy Yeah
Check This Look

I don't feel the same
I don't feel the same

Ever Since You Left My Life Changed
Ain't been The Same  
Ever since we both went different Ways
My Life Changed I don't feel the same
You changed, I changed
People Changed and We Changed
We in a different space In a different State
I dont feel the same Uhm goin'
Throu Different pains I've been having suicide
Thoughts Lately... I dont feel the same
The point is I no longer feel the same Anymore
Uhm nolonger the same Guy I used to be
You Changed Me I changed Uhm not the same
I'm an axxhole
uhm sorry to say that But that's who I became
Uhm not the same
I don't feel the same anymore
Shidd uhm not de same
I don't feel the same
It's a message to my Ex Uhm not the same

It's Your Boy Leazy Cee
Oh my god
2022 we vibing this is an intro
Let's Get ittttt

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About Feel The Same

Album : Feel The Same (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Trillest Gang
Published : Jul 28 , 2022

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