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Filthy Lyrics by LAYCON

That your girlfriend putting for some D n D
They chilling with me in my air b n b 
Sipping juices while my looks gat them dripping juices
See the way I flex the cookie they all think I learn from Lucious who produced this 
Al while she was like am in control of the muddy street
All high cos am crushing leaves to blow trees
All bad ? cos my religion gives me 7 virgins 
On bended knees cos all my bed is 7 heaven worship 
Bra you might think am filthy I don’t think you wrong
I just do my song on every chart and I don’t think am done 
And all I do is win win win and is another one
All the jewelry bling bling bling like that my nigger song 
People say I’m cocky how I snuck the bullshit
Meen I just know am dope and  I don’t need to prove shit
Now see my hands full I don’t need to pick fights 
I don’t talk about my balls meen you know the dick size 
They looking for me is he here or there
Like the last time they saw me I was winning here and there 
But am neither here or there
Still am everywhere let’s make it clear
All that BS you feed on is def gan leave you dead like Is he there 

Though am coming  ? those  I see as a friend 
And I give all my life 
Though am not satisfied 
And I feel the envy and the hatred in your eyes 
But I won’t be denied 
I will survive. 

I’ll be unforgettable 
I’ll be so unstoppable 
I’ll be so incredible 
And no lies no lies. 

So much hatred and hurt 
The ??
The shame n ?got and buried in the hole with the dead 
Tell me is he dead is he dead

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About Filthy

Album : I Am Laycon (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Regee
Published : Sep 23 , 2021

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