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Big Energy Lyrics

Big Energy Lyrics by LADIPOE

Home training don dey fade
The only charting rapper rapping really who’s my mate?
What’s the difference with your GOAT and the suya on my plate
Turning disses into dishes while I’m savouring the taste
Clout chasing the new currency exchange
Ones that claim to move the culture same one that block the gate
Underrated? And still 5  times nominated
A different kind of drive, the bigger picture’s not in Jpeg
Twice the fake friends, same ones we no dey send me
The ones that always jealous but party with me at envy
The hang on every word in hopes, the flow will trickle down
Tickled how the royalties tripled from words I scribble now

Acting like rap doesn’t go well with afrobeats
But my verse on overdose is now making it hard to breathe
No question, register my tongue a small weapon
I’m the only psycho that’s welcome in all sections
With drip wey dey quench thirst
Bars turn to net worth
Knowledge to run the game always starts from the bench first
I don’t reply clowns o
I know how the trend works
But imam need royalties if I’m dropping a revenge verse

Spitting every blessed word
Even though my pen’s cursed
Yet another reason to attend church
‘Cause I got that big energy
Biggest energy when I enter

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About Big Energy

Album : Big Energy (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Jun 08 , 2022

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